About Us

Who We Are

The people of Smith Hill and supporting communities have unified to to empower ourselves by reclaiming our neighborhoods through our own grassroots efforts.

Our goal is to focus on solving problems that impact our community and implementing solutions by utilizing ourselves and our aligning resources as a committed and powerful workforce.

It is our belief  that a “can do” workforce consisting of community members and its supporters is both powerful and cannot be ignored. 

What We Do

We enable a process of building power by: 

  • Involving Smith Hill and surrounding communities in identifying the problems we share and the solutions to those problems, 
  • Working together with other resource partners to make those solutions possible, 
  • Engaging with all Stakeholders through negotiation, influence, and support,
  • Encourage accountability from ourselves as well as our community resources, 
  • Developing the capacity to take on further problems.  

How We Do It

Build a grassroots workforce

  • Community members (residents, business owners, com. Stakeholders)
  • Existing community resources (medical centers, housing advocates, educators…)
  • Community Supporters (government, funding, influencers…)

Identify issues impacting our community that require change

  • Economics (jobs, business growth, supports)
  • Housing (accessibility, quality, quantity, rental, ownership…)
  • Environmental (street clean up, building, …)
  • Health (access, QOC)
  • Safety (crime tracking, safe path & play areas, neighborhood watch)
  • Citizenship (community ownership, voting, accountability, activism)

Conduct Focused Projects that can bring change

  • Prioritized by community need and resources
  • Low hanging fruit/ big impact
  • Form partnerships and coalitions around focused efforts

Organize around results

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate! (digitally, hardcopy, meetings, community level, media, campaigns)
  • Community outreach (training, JIT access programs)
  • Workforce teams and events

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We are dedicated to improving the lives of those in our community. Your contribution today helps us make a difference.

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